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Co-creation in poultry and rabbit production

AnalysesDetailsContactpersoonZootechnical trials in small livestockFeed and digestibility trials in broilers, layers and rabbits. More information.Evelyne Delezie, Saskia Leleu Excretion trials in poultryDetermination of the possible presence of residues in poultry meat and eggs.

Zinkbron bij vleeskuikens

Op 24 september 2020 verdedigde Annatachja De Grande haar doctoraat ‘Dietary zinc source affects performance and intestinal health in broilers’. Promotoren zijn Prof. dr. R. Ducatelle en Prof. dr. ir. F. Van Immerseel van UGent (Fac. Diergeneeskunde) en Dr. ir. Evelyne Delezie en Dr. Saskia Leleu van ILVO.

Research projects

Reduction of Campylobacter in broiler flocks: identification of risk factors, evaluation of increased biosecurity measures and the protective effect of the microbiota of Campylobacter free flocks

Besides this, we also study the difference between the microbiota of broilers which remain Campylobacter free until slaughter and the microbiota of flocks which become or are colonized with Campylobacter.OnderzoeksaanpakDuring the study, 60 broiler flocks (from 15 farms) are sampled and cecal droppings from the broilers as well as possible risk factors


Societally acceptable animal production

Think of foot pad lesions in broilers, castrations and tail docking in slaughter pigs, maternity cages in sows, separation between calf and cow, and so on.


Poultry and rabbit farming

Laboratory (ANIMALAB)Specialized research infrastructure Several houses for broiler chicks, with enough room for a total of 7,200 broiler chicks.Laying hen house with room for approximately 1,100 layers (in enriched cages).A broiler house that can be adapted to house 720 turkeys.2 mobile chicken houses large enough for 220 (organic) layers or (organic) broilers

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