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...order to control this labeling and to detect cross-contamination with food allergens during the production of food products, ILVO is strongly commi...


Food: Food safety

Veterinary drug residues, toxins of (micro-)organisms, allergens, anti-nutritional factors, PAHs, metals, microplastics, ...


Authenticity of food products

...tact us today via Also read more about allergens.

... quantitative LC-MS/MS method as a reference for the detection of multiple allergens (hazelnuts, peanuts, milk, and eggs) in processed food product...


Nutrition for target groups

...will eat it. Therefore, taste and smell are also important.Food Safety and Allergens: Both important basic conditions when we talk about healthy fo...


Gut health

...therwise no one will eat it. Therefore, taste and smell are also important.Allergens: For people with a food allergy, the presence of even a small ...


International Symposium on Food Allergens

...ER Groupe, are pleased to invite you to the International Symposium «Food Allergens: regulation, management and detection » on September 21st 2023 ...

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