Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry at ILVO: Meet@all

Meet@all is ILVO's horizontally-organized measuring platform that makes chromatography-mass spectrometry available to all ILVO researchers throughout the organization. The goal is to concentrate the knowledge, expertise and analysis potential for the detection, identification, and/or quantification (targeted and non-targeted) of organic components in plants, animals and food/feed.

Possible compounds can include medicinal residues, mycotoxins, plant components, polyphenols, allergens, peptides/proteins, volatile components, fatty acids, ink from packaging, etc. in any number of matrices. To be able to determine this range of components in so many different matrices, ILVO has an extensive number of instruments, from GC-MS(-O), to LC-MS/MS and LC-HRMS, to MALDI-TOF.

Contact: Christof Van Poucke

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