Research project The second Coordination and Support Action for the JPI Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life

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Main research question

Joint Programming is a process whereby the participating Member States (MS) voluntarily engage in defining, developing and implementing a common Strategic Research Agenda based on a common vision about major societal challenges that not can tackled by individual MS only. The Joint Programming Initiative ‘A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’ (JPI HDHL) is an European network initiative between 20 MS, 3 associated EU countries and 3 third countries outside Europe that focuses on common scientific research and networking concerning the influence of food on public health. The objective of the JPI HDHL currently running its’ second CSA 2.0, is to support the implementation of the JPI HDHL initiative and the creation of a more sustainable cooperation between the member states, the EC and related international organisations.

Research approach

This CSA 2.0 focusses on increasing the alignment and harmonisation of European research and on influencing the research and innovation policy and the research programmes of the individual MS. Other important objectives are the development of a sustainable support of this JPI, an increased cooperation with and between important stakeholders, and research concerning the impact of this JPI on food and health in the different member states. An important task for ILVO is to stimulate the networking between important stakeholders by creating a stakeholder forum. Very important is the contact with industrial partners, by which the needs and obstacles/difficulties for cooperation between academics and industry will be identified. ILVO is also involved in external communication, via updating and re-evaluating the communication strategy, via the web-based communication platform, via social media management, and via the production of promotion material and the organisation of international conferences.


The public health is an important theme in many European countries and maintaining or even improving public health requires a lot of financial resources. The interest in the potential impact of nutrition on health is therefore becoming increasingly important and a healthy diet is becoming more socially promoted. Due to the support of this 2nd CSA, the visibility of the JPI HDHL initiative will be enhanced and the impact of the initiative will increase in the different participating Member States. This includes the involvement of an European vision in the (future) scientific research and research programmes. It is also expected that research output will be valorized as innovation more often towards industry and policy.