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General introduction

The DroneXperience project (now ended) was subsidized by ESF in the context of “Training of the future”. The aim was to set up 5 training courses on the theme of drones. Various partners worked together on 5 sub-themes: (1) drones for precision agriculture, (2) drones for construction, (3) drones for offshore, (4) construction and maintenance of drones and (5) drones and data protection.

Research approach

Each theme was adapted to become a training. Together with various stakeholders, we looked at what was going on in the field, what concerns and needs were present, which solutions could provide an answer to this, which preconditions must be built in, etc. In this way, broad support was created for the drone industry training of the future. ILVO coordinated the tasks within the domain of agriculture. The expertise available at ILVO was used to create relevant trainings.


There is now a concrete, hands-on training around the use of drones within the agricultural sector. This practical training strengthens the Flemish labor market and focuses mainly on technology and innovation.