Press release Seven Innovation Projects for smart farming and food processing in Flanders-Netherlands launched


The Interreg program Smart Farming & Food Processing is launching seven innovation projects around promoting smart farming and food processing, in which Flemish and Dutch knowledge institutions, farmers, food and technology companies collaborate on innovative solutions to a concrete problem. ILVO is a partner in three trajectories on smart weed control using robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Interreg program Smart Farming & Food Processing is designed to stimulate international cooperation in Europe and promote innovation in various sectors. In this framework, the following seven innovation projects have been selected for their potential to make significant progress in the smart farming and food processing industry. ILVO is involved in the first three:

  1. Weeding without hands
    This project introduces innovative methods for weed control without hands. Using advanced robotics, image processing and machine learning techniques, it aims to provide a precision approach to removing weeds, eliminating the need for manual weeding and improving the efficiency of farming practices.
    Question holder:
    Bio Farm Meulwaeter, Tech company: Trabotyx B.V., Knowledge institutions: Hogeschool Vives, ILVO, Flanders Make and Avans Hogeschool

  2. Sun-powered Work Assistant
    This project develops a solar-powered work assistant that supports (small-scale, e.g. CSA) farmers in various tasks in the field. Using solar energy and advanced sensor and actuator technologies, this work assistant offers a sustainable and efficient solution for improving productivity and ergonomics of farm work.
    Question holder:
    Tuinderij van de Pallande, Herenboeren Nederland Tech company: FieldWorkers B.V. Knowledge institutions: Hogeschool Vives, ILVO and Avans Hogeschool

  3. Robotics for Weed Control
    This project aims to integrate robotics into the process of weed control in agriculture. By applying advanced robotic technologies and artificial intelligence, it aims to achieve a more efficient and accurate approach to weed control. This will result in higher yields, lower costs and more sustainable agricultural practices.
    Question holder:
    Bio Farm Meulwaeter, Tech company: Odd.Bot B.V., Knowledge institutions: Hogeschool Vives, ILVO, Flanders Make and Avans Hogeschool

  4. Optimization of Packing Line
    This track focuses on optimizing the packing line within food processing facilities. Through advanced technologies and process improvements, the goal is to increase efficiency, speed and accuracy in the packing process, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings.
    Question holder:
    Boerschappen B.V., Tech companies: Actitec BV and C-Boost, Knowledge institutions: Vives University and Avans University of Applied Sciences

  5. Flex Inlay and Packaging
    This track introduces flexible inserting and packaging solutions for food processing facilities. Through modular systems and advanced robotics, it aims to provide an adaptable and cost-effective approach to packaging different food products, resulting in improved production line flexibility and efficiency.
    Question holder:
    Bio Bakery de Trog, Tech company: Amtra Engineering, Knowledge institutions: Fontys and Flanders Make

  6. Broccoli Processing Line
    This project focuses on the design and implementation of an optimized processing line for broccoli. Through advanced equipment and process optimization, the goal is to improve quality, speed and traceability in the processing process, resulting in increased competitiveness for broccoli producers.
    Question holder:
    Verschuren Broccoli, Tech companies: Brom Mechatronica and VBTI, Knowledge institutions: Fontys and Vives University of Applied Sciences

  7. Scarecrow
    This track introduces innovative solutions for keeping birds and pests out of agricultural areas. Using advanced detection and deterrent technologies with drones, it aims to provide an effective and animal-friendly approach to protect crops from damage, improving yield and quality.
    Question holder: Goossens Malderen, Tech companies: Avular, Qualified and Datacation, Knowledge institutions: Fontys and Flanders Make

These innovation projects are the result of close cooperation between various partners, including knowledge institutions, food and agricultural companies, and tech companies from Flanders and the Netherlands. Each project aims to provide concrete solutions to the challenges faced by the agriculture and food processing sectors.

Breda Robotics Foundation project manager: " We are immensely proud to see the seven selected innovation projects launched. Each project represents a step forward in the application of smart technologies in agriculture and food processing. We look forward to seeing the results and the positive impact these innovations will have on the industry."


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