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Read more >>> Low-cost system for monitoring the barn climate and the behaviour of pigs The ventilation level of pig barns is dependent on the air quality of the barn, the emission level and the welfare of the animals.

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Co-creation in cattle production

See the table of analyses Johan De BoeverCattle-related emissionsLivestock: determination of gas emissions in cattle (dairy and beef) Agricultural Engineering: advice for the Flemish government regarding gaseous emissions in naturally-ventilated animal housing (including measurement techniques for the ventilation rate and gases).Dairy cattle: Leen Vandaele


Precision livestock farming

There is a high degree of automation within poultry and pig farms, especially in terms of ventilation control and feeding. This is also increasing on dairy farms, and includes things like milking robots and manure robots. But sensors are also used, such as pedometers for draft detection.

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