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Precision livestock farming

...ol and feeding. This is also increasing on dairy farms, and includes things like milking robots and manure robots. But sensors are also used, such as pedometers for draft detection. However, t...


Water in agriculture

...ivestock farming, there are examples of businesses that want to purify the liquid fraction of manure to irrigate grassland.Which agricultural sectors consume the most water? Currently, greenhou...


Soil health

...ine of a healthy soil. This engine is kept running by adding stable organic matter such as farmyard manure and compost, but roots, root exudates, green cover crop residues and crop residues such as...


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

...ied. Crop residues Organic residue streams are also created on farms. In addition to animal manure, there are crop residues, such as cleaning waste at vegetable growers and fodder residues ...


Soil: carbon sequestration

...a crop residues left behind on the field or indirectly via external organic material such as animal manure, compost, wood chips, etc. Through soil life, this fresh organic material is converted par...


Algae: seaweed and microalgae

...erry growth and make the plants more resistant to disease.Microalgae could also be used in manure processing to reduce emissions from digestate and other end products.Finally, certa...



...ors, but a large share in ammonia (NH3) emissions. The main sources of ammonia emissions are barns, manure storage, field application of manure, and manure processing. Ammonia is a major contributo...

Research projects

Alternative dewormers for organic laying hens

...ree of worm infestation on a farm. The indicators used will be the number of eggs per gram (EPG) in manure, the immune cells present in the blood of the laying hens and the presence of worms at aut...


Toward climate-smart agriculture and food production

...y eat grass, which is not digestible for humans, and convert it into high-quality protein and manure. This manure maintains the fertility of other fields so that field crops and vegetables can grow...


Organic agriculture

...and plant production on farms or between farms can be integrated in order to close nutrient cycles (manure – feed) at a higher level.

News | 20/06/2019

Extending the cow's life span as a climate strategy

...rmers can realize their milk production with fewer animals. This means profit in terms of roughage, manure disposal and labor. In addition, it results in lower methane emissions per liter of milk, ...

News | 01/07/2019

LCA (life cycle analysis) in agricultural context

... the model confirm that the choice of agricultural practices (e.g. a certain crop rotation, type of manure, use of cover crops) can have a major impact on the carbon stocks of the soil. Also th...

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