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Protein diversification in food and nutrition

...zards involved?What is the total environmental impact of proteins, from cultivation to end product (life cycle analysis or LCA)? Which plants (species) qualify as protein suppliers? Useful prot...

News | 01/07/2019

LCA (life cycle analysis) in agricultural context

..." summarizes the researcher. Soil quality and ecosystem services for the first time embedded in life cycle analysis For the determination of the 'impact on soil quality', Boone points to so...


Toward climate-smart agriculture and food production

...ate. To this end, we use our multidisciplinary knowledge and our expertise in systems thinking. Via life cycle analysis (LCA), we also calculate the total environmental impact of an agricultural pr...

News | 05/09/2023

Most climate-friendly milk comes from ... Flanders

...s that contribute to the agricultural product supplied (milk, meat, wheat...). These data go into a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and we obtain the total ecological footprint of the farm over 1 year, w...


Life cycle assessment researcher Agrifood

You are a driven researcher with knowledge of life cycle analysis, who wants to express environmental sustainability in numbers and does not shy away from the search for good data. You have a heart fo...

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