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Restoring biodiverse grasslands: an examination of ecosystem services

University College Ghent (HoGent) takes soil samples to measure the carbon reserves, follows up the evolution of the vegetation, uses camera's to study insects and conducts surveys supported by images for the people using the area for recreation.Relevance/ValorizationOutput includes organization of workshops and preparation of fact sheets for nature

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plant "Food Pilot" equipped with >50 pieces of semi-industrial equipmentWorkshop for building prototypes for automatizaton and robotizationComposting site and compost reactorILVO also has more than 40 accredited labs for specialized analyses Food analysesAnimal-related analysesMarine analysesDiagnosis of plant-pathogenic bacteria, fungi, mites, insects

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ILVO has experts on fungi, viruses, bacteria, insects, mites and nematodes. They know the life cycles of plant attackers, develop identification methods and control strategies, and provide knowledge for the implementation of successful IPM strategies.

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