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Research projects

Feasibility of free farrowing ("Haalbaarheid van vrijloopkraamhokken" in Dutch)

Problems or challenges in areas such as ventilation, heating, reproduction parameters and/or piglet loss will be addressed. The aim of the initiative is to prevent possible problems for a second group of pig farmers. (the innovators) and to allow them to make a more informed decision based on these obtained data.

Research projects

Detection and valorisation of pork with boartaint

At the abattoir, we evaluate the hot-iron method used by experts to detect boar taint with regards to: (a) repeatability among experts and in the same expert, (b) the effect of habituation, (c) methods for heating fat and (d) the influence of cleaning the iron between repetitions and repeatedly singeing the same place.



This can range from simply heating ingredients to destroy dangerous microorganisms (e.g. pasteurization of milk) to complex processing procedures where a variety of ingredients are mixed and processed into a final product such as a cookie.


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

Residual flows can also be converted into biogas and digestate through fermentation.Through pyrolysis, a heating of biomass at low oxygen availability, biogas and biochar are produced.In all these forms of processing, emissions must be limited in the process.


Droogtetolerante teelten

However, this so-called ‘loss’ has an important function: through this evaporation, plants cool their leaves in order to protect fundamental plant processes, such as photosynthesis, from overheating.

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