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Drought tolerant crops

Climate change means that we are increasingly faced with drought during the growing season, including in Flanders. This requires a systematic approach...


Water in agriculture long-term solutions are there to better deal with long periods of drought? We must put maximum effort into infiltration, buffering, and reuse, ...



... Quinoa is also a stress-resistant crop that rarely suffers from drought and salinization, and is therefore resistant to the effects of climate cha...


Soil: carbon sequestration

...e plant during the growing season which can prove crucial in periods of drought a more extensive and active soil food web which in turn contributes...


Agroforestry robust and less vulnerable to external shocks such as extreme rainfall, drought, or low prices on the global market. This is due to the higher t...


Soil health during heavy rainfall (climate adaptation)Buffering water against drought (climate adaptation)Retention and release of nutrients



...ate change will be felt in Flanders mainly in the form of more heat waves, drought and longer periods of drought, as well as more short and intense...

News | 04/08/2018

That's how to make grass drought-resistant

...y" on Radio 1. "Breeding is a slow activity, but since last year our first drought-resistant grasses have been on the European variety list." Speci...

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