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Boxwood moth

... & Fisheries. ILVO and the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt (PCS) followed during two years the life cycle of the boxwood moth and tested various control techniques. Landelijke Gilden and the floric...



...ce to these practices. Consumers are also attaching more and more importance to closing the cycles, and are increasingly demanding GMO-free soy, especially in Europe, which is barely cultivated in ...



...ough good management of the organic matter content and by stimulating soil life closing nutrient cycles more biodiversity, including those which are functional for agricultural operations reduct...


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

...ials and processing. ILVO investigates how nutrients and organic matter from waste streams can be recycled to the maximum extent, for the benefit of soil quality and as plant food. Gre...



ILVO investigates how nutrient cycles, including nitrogen, can be closed with minimal losses to the environment.


Protein diversification in food and nutrition

... involved?What is the total environmental impact of proteins, from cultivation to end product (life cycle analysis or LCA)? Which plants (species) qualify as protein suppliers? Useful proteins ...


Life cycle assessment researcher Agrifood

You are a driven researcher with knowledge of life cycle analysis, who wants to express environmental sustainability in numbers and does not shy away from the search for good data. You have a heart fo...

News | 01/07/2019

LCA (life cycle analysis) in agricultural context

Why life cycle analyses of agricultural products are difficult. Life cycle analyses or LCA were originally designed to evaluate the sustainability of the fossil-fuel industry. From the 1990s on, L...

Research projects

ROOF FOOD: incubator for rooftop farming

... between this improver and the needs of the vegetable garden contributes to a better closing of the cycle.Research approachThe project has now ended. The chemical properties of the substrat...

Research projects


...stainable form of agriculture (perennial plant combinations, minimal input and soil tillage, closed cycles, ...) with innovative cooperation models (short chain, digital marketplace, direct coopera...

Research projects

Dynamics of Hepatitis E infections in Begian pig farms

...project will lead to the proposal of mitigating measures to be undertaken during the pig production cycle in the context of a strategic plan to reduce HEV infection on farms and contamination of pi...


Bioeconomy and closed loops

...ructure. We have expertise in systems thinking, economic modeling, techno-economic (TEA) and life cycle assessments (LCA) to assess the impact, feasibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of...

Research projects


... Horti-BlueC chitin from shrimp peel and biochar based on spent growing media or green waste were upcycled into a plant-strengthening product and/or fertilizer, so that the use of chemical plant pr...

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