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Boxwood moth

...llars are difficult to see but leave a jagged line pattern on the leaves.Step 2: Prune and compost trimmingsThe best way to control the pest is, in addition to observing it, at leas...


Soil health

...althy soil. This engine is kept running by adding stable organic matter such as farmyard manure and compost, but roots, root exudates, green cover crop residues and crop residues such as straw also...


Soil: carbon sequestration

...esidues left behind on the field or indirectly via external organic material such as animal manure, compost, wood chips, etc. Through soil life, this fresh organic material is converted partly into...

Research projects

Carbon Connects

...m the pilots in the farm. Examples are the use for bedding in stables or the use of biomass in farm compost to increase soil carbon in nearby arable land.Relevance/ValorizationThe project i...

Research projects


...k (further) on residual flows from agro, agri-food and fishery activities, which are processed into compost, plant fibers, biochar and chitin. The final goal is to come up with technically sound an...

Research projects

ROOF FOOD: incubator for rooftop farming

...bstrate. The Roof Food samples are more bacterially diverse than the 3 groups of reference samples (compost, woody material, and potting soil). The fungal population in the Roof Food samples is mor...

Research projects

Bio-economy and Circular Agriculture for Soil Health

...optimized to close nutrient, energy and biomass loops. The aim of the project is to integrate urban composts and green wastes in multi-purpose agro-ecological production systems. The management sho...


Webinar 'Sustainable farming for peatlands'

...ert van WEEREN, Wetland products (NL) Farmer to Farmer session on cattail 🎥Farm composting using reed and other biomass from rewetted landMaarten De BOEVER, ILVO (BE) Us...


Bioeconomy and closed loops

... Plant, Marine and Livestock have an extensive network of trial fields, trial cultures and a full composting infrastructure. We have expertise in systems thinking, economic modeling, techno-economi...


Horticulture & ornamental cultivation

ILVO conducts research into the possibilities of sustainable growing media based on local biomass. Compost and plant fibers (wood fiber, miscanthus straw, heath chopper sod, flax loam, etc.) form a su...



Feed Production


...0m² greenhouse infrastructure and climate chambers for research, including for quarantine organismsCompost site and compost reactors'Rainout shelters' for research on drought stress in plantsAn acc...



Closing cycles through composting

...ducts research into the possibilities of sustainable cultivation substrates based on local biomass. Compost and plant fibers (wood fiber, miscanthus straw, heath chopper sod, flax loam, etc.) form ...

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Research infrastructure

...ieces of semi-industrial equipmentWorkshop for building prototypes for automation and robotizationComposting site and compost reactor ILVO also has more than 40 accredited labs for specialized anal...

Living Labs

Plant and Soil Living Lab

... impact. You can rely on our multidisciplinary team of experts: Soil life, soil management, compost technology, crop substratesTrial field managementPhenotyping based on image analysis, mod...

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