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Precision livestock farming

...reasing. Furthermore, the methods used to house animals, animal welfare issues, and the high use of antibiotics are coming under fire. Precision livestock farming is one of the ways to increase the...


Honey analyses

...esampling can be done for representativeness control. Note that in case of detection of residues of antibiotics or sulfonamides above the set standards (action limits) or in case of the presence of...

News | 19/04/2024

Limiting the use of antibiotics in farms

We need to limit the use of antibiotics on farms. How? By preventing animals from getting sick as much as possible. This involves changing how farmers keep their animals, such as rethinking housin...


Role of animal production in society

... livestock farming has negative consequences for the climate and biodiversity. The intensive use of antibiotics can also lead to problems. ILVO approaches all of these aspects from an overarchi...

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Food-related analyses

...ctpersoonChemical food safetyILVO analyzes the presence of residues of veterinary medicines (e.g. antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, anthelmintics, anti-inflammatories, steroid hormones, ß-agonists,…)...

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Chemical food safety-related analyses

...tuffs can be screened using microbiological tests for the presence of inhibitory substances (mainly antibiotics and chemotherapeutics). Foods can also be analyzed group specifically using immunolog...

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Food-related analyses

...ContactpersoonChemical food safetyAnalyses for the presence of residues of veterinary drugs (e.g. antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, anthelmintics, anti-inflammatories, etc.) and contaminants (e.g. my...

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