Project news WatchITgrow is first application in potato sector aiming for correct and transparent data sharing via DjustConnect

Djustconnect and watch it grow

Potato growers can now monitor their crops even more easily and safely with WatchITgrow. To make this possible, VITO Remote Sensing will collaborate with ILVO and the data sharing platform DjustConnect. Just like other farmers who register on DjustConnect, the growers will get access to a personal dashboard on which they can approve or reject the sharing of their data. Stephanie Van Weyenberg (ILVO): ILVO, DjustConnect and VITO Remote Sensing are thus taking a big step towards a more efficient and sustainable, 'data-driven' agriculture.

WatchITgrow is a well-known platform in the potato sector that gives growers access to extensive information about the growth and health of their crops. Users can easily store relevant data from e.g., a soil scan or harvesting machine on the platform and exchange it with their customers or advisors. Jurgen Decloedt (VITO Remote Sensing): "From now on, this exchange will be simplified via the central data-sharing platform DjustConnect. By sharing data in a safe and structured way, growers will receive more and more data-supported advice in return and will also be able to objectively demonstrate, for example, how much CO2 they are capturing in the soil in order to grow more sustainably."

DjustConnect allows growers to consciously manage access to their farm data with a minimum of administrative work. This not only gives them more control, but also provides a good overview of who has access to that farm data today and why. If the access is no longer needed, the permission can also be withdrawn in one click. DjustConnect also makes it possible to connect digital applications with each other, resulting in even better, personalized advice and less administrative work.

The partnership was announced at the Interpom potato trade show in November. WatchITgrow is the first working application on DjustConnect in the potato sector.

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