Co-creation in aquaculture

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ILVO can give scientific guidance about innovative as well as specialized and commercial culture in mono- and polyculture as well as recommendations about species to culture, culture conditions, water purification, waste disposal, construction of professional aquaculture systems, cost-benefit analysis, etc.

Daan Delbare

Rental of installations to third partiesILVO's Animal Sciences Unit has several recirculation systems in which contaminant exposure trials, feed trials, survival trials or innovative aquaculture installations (such as water recirculation) can be carried out.Daan Delbare
Scoring sustainability of aquaculture products

At the request of companies, organizations or NGOs, sustainability assessments can be done for aquaculture species. Buyers/clients can use these to highlight the sustainability (or not) of the culture process each target species. These sustainability assessments also serve as a reliable guideline to award additional quality marks or labels. They can be developed to meet the client’s requested profile and needs, and take into account the environmental impact, animal welfare, nutrition, fish stocks, and food safety and socio-economic aspects.

Arne Kinds
Research on mussel seed

This research group can count, weigh and measure mussel seed.

Daan Delbare
Testing of seawater

This research group can test the chemical quality of seawater for third parties. This includes the determination of ammonium/ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate concentrations, pH, salinity, conductivity and carbonate hardness. Upon request, specific tests can also be carried out for boron, iodine, copper, magnesium, strontium and oxygen concentrations.

Daan Delbare
Purchase of seawater

The ILVO Animal Sciences Unit has a direct connection to the sea to pump up seawater. After mechanical filtration, the seawater is stored in a tank of 40 m3 before being redistributed to the fish tanks. and can pump in fresh sea water. The sea water is transported to a tank with a capacity of 40,000 L and is kept in constant motion . Sea water is available, ranging from a few litres up to 30,000L.

Daan Delbare

Scientific Diving

ILVO has an experienced and dynamic team of divers trained in techniques for scientific diving activities. This team receives regular advanced training according to the regulations of the Belgian Working Group on Scientific Diving (BWGSD).

Daan Delbare

Your ILVO guarantee

  • Scientifically-based solutions
  • Individual and/or co-creative guidance for innovation trajectories
  • Confidential treatment of your question
  • Clear and easy-to-interpret results that are applicable to day-to-day operations
  • Technological support for various farm processes

Transparency regarding animal trials

In order to increase the transparency of the animal experiments carried out, ILVO, together with the "European Animal Research Association" (EARA) and 23 other Belgian public and private research institutions, drew up and signed the "Statement in support of animal research in Belgium and a transparent approach" in April 2016.

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