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  • The most sustainable production comes from working on optimal plant and soil health. That is what ILVO does.

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ILVO has an extensive Belgian and international network and is active in many projects.

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In the ILVO dossiers you get a handy overview of all available information, contacts and publications per topic.

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Living Labs

Within so-called 'living labs' ILVO aims to further build on its role as a future-oriented and demand-driven knowledge center. Currently ILVO has 6 thematic living labs.

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Project news 29/03/2021

Management of leaf thrips in field-grown vegetables

Thrips damage in leek
With a new LA-traject, ILVO, PCG, Inagro and PSKW want to characterize thrips populations, improve the warning system and evaluate cultivation measures. The partners also want to sensitize consumers s...



Horti-BlueC open event (Interreg 2 Seas)

PAC ‘Het Zuid’, Ghent, Belgium
strawberries in greenhouse

Can strawberries and tomatoes be cultivated without non-renewable feedstock materials such as peat and mineral wool? How can residual mater...

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