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Opportunities for controlled drainage in Flanders

Specifically, the necessary expertise is also being built up around 3 knowledge gaps: the potential of sub-irrigation (bringing water underground via the drainage system), the influence of CD on salinization in the polder context, and the possibilities for collective water management on a landscape scale.OP-PEIL will specifically address:(i) Providing

Research projects

Saline AgricuLture for ADaptation

According to the FAO’s reports, progressing salinization is one of the major drivers of soil degradation in Europe as well as Near East and North Africa, exerting increasing pressure on conventional farming which is based on freshwater resources.SALAD (Saline AgricuLture for ADaptation) is a transcontinental, innovative research project in the field



Quinoa is also a stress-resistant crop that rarely suffers from drought and salinization, and is therefore resistant to the effects of climate change. Lastly, quinoa fits into a wider cultivation rotation because the cultivation does not exhaust the soil and requires little or no crop protection.

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