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...ways, for example, which disrupt some of the natural functions of non-paved space. Indeed, soil and open space perform many functions that maintain ecological balance. When a paved area seals the s...


Algae: seaweed and microalgae resources are under pressure. Fresh water, fertile soils, pollinators and raw materials and even open space is becoming scarce. However, there is one resource that is barely used and covers no l...

News | 19/11/2021

Farmer clears field for desealing (Boer Ruimt Veld project)

...ute to the strategic objective of preventing non-agrarian development in the agricultural area. Open space in Flanders is under pressure: 33% of the total area is taken up by land take 14% by a...

Desealing as a way to gain open space


Farming and rural areas within an urbanized society

A thorough social discussion about the use of our open space is sorely needed. We aim to feed that discussion by mapping gradual, subtle changes in land use, as well as their impact on ecosystem servi...

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...s. (5) Space for food: In Flanders, farmers work in a highly urbanized society where open space and space for food production are under intense pressure. We substantiate these phenomena with h...

News | 01/07/2019

LCA (life cycle analysis) in agricultural context

...n the products harvested and not on other services such as conservation of biodiversity, preserving open space, buffering climate change, etc. Consequently, products grown by conventional farming p...

News | 06/07/2022

Save the date: festILVO - Festival of food and science

...the city dweller, the nature lover, the outdoorsman, so you, as far as you are a friend of food, of open space and farm(land)s! Bring your taste buds, your nose and your walking shoes and discover!...

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