Activity Save the date: festILVO - Festival of food and science

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On 15, 16, 18 and 19 September - four late summer days - ILVO will celebrate its 90th anniversary. Everyone is welcome to the festival field in Merelbeke/Melle, amidst our 200 hectares of experimental fields. We present festILVO, a unique FOOD festival which, together with the many tasting sessions, also serves to explain the production process and the science behind it.

This is an initiative of ILVO, large public research center for agricultural, food and fisheries improvements. For the 90th anniversary (if you add up the different designations) the researchers wanted something different than an open door or an anniversary celebration.

ILVO promises a unique multi-day FOOD festival that will even make your BRAIN sizzle. Together with the tasters you will be served the science behind it, the special production process, in digestible snacks of your choice. Discover the varied menu on a festival meadow in Merelbeke/Melle, amidst 200 hectares of research cuttings!

Sunday (18 Sept) we expect the city dweller, the nature lover, the outdoorsman, so you, as far as you are a friend of food, of open space and farm(land)s! Bring your taste buds, your nose and your walking shoes and discover! Tractors, machines and drone over the field, the stables, the novelty garden, the (not) off the pot cooking and tasting demos, a beastly special, West Flemish dialectic theater, eating/learning walks, the food market and the non-stop outdoor eatery.

On Thursday and Friday (15 and 16 Sept) the sector professionals are welcome to all kinds of deep dives, read: study days with a party beach on specialized scientific and social themes in the sector of agriculture, fisheries and food. Who knows, maybe you are that citizen or journalist who has enough time, interest and foreknowledge to really dive under the hood of ILVO's work and expertise?

In short: almost everything on your plate has agricultural roots. If you look at it, you will discover an amazing amount of passion, intriguing biology, technology and professional knowledge. A full belly and a full brain.... This is how you return home!

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