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Phytosanitary risks of newly introduced crops

...t imported (assessement of the introductory routes). In a next phase, the status of the viruses and nematodes that were associated with propagation materials, in the field and in the marketed new (...

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...analysesMarine analysesDiagnosis of plant-pathogenic bacteria, fungi, mites, insects, viruses and nematodesAnalyses for plant, soil and substrateLaboratory for Seed TestingSpray technology National...

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... plants manage diseases and pests. ILVO has experts on fungi, viruses, bacteria, insects, mites and nematodes. They know the life cycles of plant attackers, develop identification methods and contr...

News | 23/08/2021

Residual soil cleaned and returned to the field?

... aim here is to further search for a feasible way to decontaminate residual soil to make it free of nematodes. Moreover, this time the researchers are also taking a closer look at the contamination...

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