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Aquaculture at sea

...n culture ready for market in the Belgian part of the North Sea takes "only" 18 months and produces meat values of 40-45%. The Zeeland mussel from seabed culture usually only has a meat value of 30...


Authenticity of food products

Determination species/variety (plants, meat, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, fungi, bacteria) based on DNA, proteins and other macro molecules


Short chain embedded in new networks. New chains from field to fork – such as a local bread or meat chain, in which a small number of players create added value in dialogue and transparency – form a new anc...


Precision livestock farming

...easing in order to continue producing efficiently and economically. On the one hand, the demand for meat is increasing worldwide, while the pressure of livestock farming on the climate and environm...


Food: taste and aroma research

...g to the research or the wishes of the applicant. Predicting consumer acceptance In the Optimeat research project, ILVO has built up expertise in the construction of mathematical models tha...


Protein diversification in food and nutrition

...reasons or simply because it tastes good.For conventional animal protein sources such as dairy, meat, fish or eggs, we rely on age-old nutritional wisdom and many decades of study. Alternative ...



...efore of crucial importance. It is defined as the ratio of nitrogen in the final product (the crop, meat, milk, etc.) to the nitrogen in the input (the fertilizers or feed). The higher the nitrogen...

News | 12/04/2021

Steering meat quality via breed (choice) and sex

Numerous factors influence meat quality For decades, Flemish meat pig production has been characterized by efficient production with high carcass quality and good animal performance. Meat qual...

Research projects

Animal Welfare Indicators at the SlaughterHouse

...hese two farm animal types we also believe a spread of knowledge and technologies to other types of meat-producing livestock can be expected, such as cattle, turkeys, or ducks.ILVO is coordinat...

Research projects

Research into the optimization of group housing of does

...what conditions it is possible to provide a regime of part-time group housing for does. Since 2016, meat rabbits must be kept in enriched group parks. For the time being, however, does are kept ind...

Research projects

Optimal cultivation of protein crops for poultry feeding

...We determine the interactions between three elements: feed composition, quality of eggs and chicken meat, and the effects on nitrogen excretion in the animals. We analyze the sustainability of legu...

Research projects

Sustainability in pork production with immunocastration efficiency than barrows (surgically castrated bears) during their growth. After slaughter, their meat quality appears to score better on average in terms of taste, compared to other bears. There...

Research projects

Small-scale innovative food processing equipment

... simulated from various protein-rich raw materials to new end products in the fruit and vegetables, meat, bakery, dairy, ready meals, and the like. This unique test environment serves Flanders as w...

Research projects

Organic beef farming in a practical booklet

...lation on organic farming, cattle breeds and their needs, organic cultivation and feed, carcass and meat quality, sales market and profitability. Research approachILVO has put together a st...

Research projects

Internet of Food and Farm 2020 sector. In total 33 use cases were set up in 5 sectors (arable, dairy, fruit, vegetables and meat), of which 14 were attracted halfway the project with an open call. ILVO, one of the lead part...

News | 04/05/2021

Pork is tougher and less tasty than before

Many factors influence meat quality. One is the amount of intramuscular fat (marbling in the meat) which has a major influence on taste. There are two reasons why less fat is present in pork than in t...

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