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...e importance to closing the cycles, and are increasingly demanding GMO-free soy, especially in Europe, which is barely cultivated in soy-exporting ...


Animal welfare

...rted to an overall welfare index (0 - 100). Transport of chickensIn the LEGMONI-project ILVO will develop a tool that will monitor the welfare of ...



...numerous applications for, among others, determining the identity of fish, GMO detection and quantification. This PCR-based technology has specific...


LEGMONI Probleemstelling Uit eerdere studies rond dierenwelzijn van leghennen blijkt dat er in de huidige praktijk nog altijd meerdere zaken te verbet...

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GMO-related analyses

...d samples are analyzed for the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs; “screening”), the identity of GMOs (“identification”) as well as t...

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Research infrastructure

...ory for Seed TestingSpray technology National Reference Laboratory (NRL) GMOAllergensToxins and residues of veterinary medicinesPlant parasitic org...

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