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Aquaculture at sea

...d coastal defense. In other words, the sustainable exploitation of the ocean and seas. In Flanders, dredging companies, windmill operators, textile manufacturers, shipowners and wholesalers are alr...


Biodiversity in and on the sea floor

...enormous amount of activity in the Belgian part of the North Sea. Beam trawling, sand extraction, dredging, offshore wind farms and other human constructions and recreation are some of the main act...


Ecosystem-oriented marine modeling and management

...narios in the ecosystem models. 5. Others Other activities such as sand extractions, dredging, recreational fishing activities, military exercises, etc. can also affect the marine ecosyste...

Linked Sectors: Sand, dredging, and wind


Ruimte op zee

...n one percent of the total area of the North Sea, but it is intensively used. There are wind farms, dredging activities, sand mining and, of course, fishing, to name a few. Marine spatial planners ...

Linked Sectors: Sand, dredging, and wind


Sand, dredging, and wind

... individual and the cumulative impact of the various human activities at sea: fishing, aquaculture, dredging and sand extraction, wind farms, etc. This is done on the basis of data on macrobenthos,...

News | 11/03/2020

Counteracting coastal erosion with natural reefs?

...nnovation roadmaps of the spearhead cluster the Blue Cluster. The research partners are the Flemish dredging companies DEME and Jan De Nul, the technical textile company Sioen and the public resear...

Linked Sectors: Sand, dredging, and wind

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Mission, vision and values

...gBeef cattle farmingFisheriesAquacultureProcessing and retailing (marine)Sand extraction, dredging, and wind Blue biotechNature preservation (marine)Feed productionOrganic agricultureFood productio...

News | 25/04/2019

Mapping North Sea bottom-dwellers via automated DNA-recognition

...ter too? In almost all human activities in the North Sea (aquaculture, sand extraction, dredging, marine wind farms, shipping and fishing...) monitoring of environmental impact is a legal...

Linked Sectors: Sand, dredging, and wind

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