Publication | Statement Enhancing a lanice reef report of field trials 2017 - 2020

Lanice reef
Report of field trials 2017-2020

The project Coastbusters (Sterckx et al. 2019) aimed to develop three nature-inspired design (NID) solutions that enhance coastal resilience by using innovative bio-stabilization methods. The three concepts (tube-building polychaete worms, marine flora and bivalves) were tested, each with specific enhancement methods to create a natural biogenic reef. The purpose of the reef is to induce natural accretion of sand and reinforce the foreshore against coastal erosion thus adding to coastal protection.

The main objective of the reef work package (WP3) was to advise on a methodology for the formation of a tubeworm reef that locally acts as a bioconstructor. This has the potential to act as a seed source, which will induce the growth of additional tubeworm reefs in the vicinity of the artificial reef area. Furthermore the reef would serve as a substrate for biodiversity development.