Laboratory for Seed Testing

For seed analysis, the Flemish government has its own laboratory, the Laboratory for Seed Testing. This laboratory is accredited by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). This allows the lab to issue international certificates.

The accreditation applies to the following tests:

  1. determination of moisture content, purity analysis and determination of other seeds by number;
  2. germination test and thousand-seed weight determination;
  3. seed health testing of flax;
  4. testing coated seeds

ISTA Certificates

Through accreditation, the laboratory is authorized to issue International Orange ISTA Certificates. These specific analysis bulletins provide the greatest possible guarantee for the seed trade because they establish a direct link between the analysis results stated on the certificate and the seed lots to which the results relate.

The ILVO Laboratory for Seed Testing has been designated by the Agricultural and Marine Fisheries Agency as an official laboratory of commercial quality as of January 1, 2024. This allows the lab to examine the required minimum quality standards for marketing seed. In addition, firms and individuals can also provide seed samples for analysis.

Methods and rates

More details on the methods and prices applied.


Laboratory for Seed Testing
Burgemeester van Gansberghelaan 109
9820 Merelbeke

Anja Ritserveldt - - 09 272 23 22
Kristine Rooms - - 09 272 23 20