Study day INNOSETA platform webinar

INNOSETA platform webinar

Innovative and practical on-line tool to improve the adoption of new technologies in spray application The main objective of INNOSETA is to set up an Innovative self-sustainable Thematic Network on SETA (Spray Equipment, Training and Advising) to contribute in closing the gap between the available novel crop protection solutions with the everyday EU agricultural practices.

This webinar will focus on explaining the SETA platform for on-line assessment in order to mobilize agricultural knowledge and innovation systems.


Opportunities to increase education skills. Relation with risk mitigation. Mr. Eric Liégeois - DG SANTE (European Commission)
INNOSETA project - General overview and main objectives Prof. Emilio Gil - UPC - Project Coordinator
INNOSETA database - Large list of materials ready to be used Prof. Fabrizio Gioelli – UNITO
INNOSETA Platform - Basic principles and benefits for users Dr. David Nuyttens – ILVO
Open debate
INNOSETA and Farm to Fork Strategy – How farmers can benefit Mrs. Paula de Vera – COPA-COGECA
How to upload innovations? Practical demonstration (15 min) Mr. Eric Mozzanini – UNITO
Conclusions – Open debate Prof. Emilio Gil – UPC – Project coordinato