Contact day Final conference - Small-Scale, Big Impact: innovative approaches for local food processing

At the FOX project's final conference the transformation of large-scale food processing into small, mobile, and flexible units will be unveiled. Discover how FOX has promoted short food supply chains in 6 European regions and the vast potential for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and farmers to establish local production hubs through the use of innovative and gentle food processing technologies. This interactive conference offers a unique opportunity to witness a live demonstration of one of our mobile processing units at the Brussels Food Bank. Gain insights into the benefits of our 4 small-scale mild processing technologies and explore the relevance of the FOX approach for health and sustainability, short food supply chains and local production hubs, consumer engagement for sustainable consumption, and life cycle costs. Engage in knowledge exchange with other policymakers, stakeholders, and industry experts to foster collaboration aimed at developing supportive policies and sharing best practices.


09:30-12:00 - AM session at the Food Bank Brussels

You will participate in an engaging experience that includes: a) a demonstration of FOX mobile unit for innovative local processing, b) a guided tour of the Food Bank facilities, and c) insight into the collaborative efforts of the ZEROW project and FOX

13:30-17:00 - PM session at the Atelier des Tanneurs

Keynote speakers will provide us with an overview of the importance of local food production and how food processing technologies can lead to more sustainable food systems. FOX partners will share valuable insights and key project outputs, discuss future implications and provide recommendations. The session will conclude with a panel discussion involving policy, industry, farmers/producers, and consumer representatives.

17:00-18:00 - Networking aperitivo at the Atelier des Tanneurs