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Poultry and rabbit farming

... digestion, and registration trials on laying hens, broilers, mother hens, turkeys, and rabbits (does & meat rabbits). This includes monitoring...

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Food-related analyses

...g. determination of animal species general or specific (e.g. chicken, turkey, beef, pig, etc.) based on PCR. The quality determination of food prod...

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...42 Ronse Ter Ganzendries Salvos Van Het Loonderhof Texo Van't Bagyn Tilker Turkey Van Den Bosrand Ubaid Van Weelde Udo Van De Blomberg Uil Van De B...

News | 01/05/2020

Plant attacker for May: TBRFV

...obe. Reports of the virus have come from Jordan, Palestine, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, China, the Netherlands, the UK, Greece, Spain, Germany and Franc...

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