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Research on humane methods for killing individual poultry on-farm

Main research questionThis research study, requested by the Flemish government, evaluated the most appropriate methods to kill weak or ill chickens and turkeys. The euthanasia has to be performed humanely to prevent unnecessary suffering of terminally ill or weak animals, according to the European Council Regulation 1099/2009.

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HET ROZENHOF 09/10/2019 - Nieuwe beren toegevoegd aan de resultatentool Kraamstalresultaten: VacVan Weelde Varyk Van Weelde Volgas Van Weelde Wabe Webo Winnitou Van Het Loonderhof Wijk Van Den Bosrand Zanko Ter Ganzendries Zany Ter Ganzendries Karkasresultaten: MA219 MA237 MA242 Ronse Ter Ganzendries Salvos Van Het Loonderhof Texo Van't Bagyn Tilker Turkey

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Food-related analyses

ILVO also performs authenticity analyzes such as e.g. determination of animal species general or specific (e.g. chicken, turkey, beef, pig, etc.) based on PCR. The quality determination of food products comprises various components: heating parameters (HMF, furosin, etc), enzyme activity (lipolysis, proteolysis, ...) and physical properties.

Research projects

Animal Welfare Indicators at the SlaughterHouse

By demonstrating and evaluating the overall concept for these two farm animal types we also believe a spread of knowledge and technologies to other types of meat-producing livestock can be expected, such as cattle, turkeys, or ducks.ILVO is coordinator of the aWISH project and thus responsible for amongst others the management and quality assurance


Poultry and rabbit farming

support for various farm processesSpecialised analyses in the Animal Marin Laboratory (ANIMALAB)Specialized research infrastructure Several houses for broiler chicks, with enough room for a total of 7,200 broiler chicks.Laying hen house with room for approximately 1,100 layers (in enriched cages).A broiler house that can be adapted to house 720 turkeys

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