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Alternatives to castration of piglets

...t 4% of male pigs or "intact boars" have boar taint. This is an unpleasant odor or taste found in pork and fat. Boar taint is caused by the accumul...


Nutrition for target groups

...vestigating to what extent these patients smell less and whether there are odors that are perceived better or less well. We are also investigating ...


Food: taste and aroma research

...imize formulations or recipes in a targeted and efficient manner. Chemical odor and aroma determinations also provide insight into the molecular ba...

Odor and aroma analyses

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Flavor and odor research

... panel. Recently the facilities were extended to include in-depth chemical odor analyses. Research on flavor and odor is frequently performed durin...

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Mitigating measures for odor emissions

...Energy policy area, a literature study was made of mitigating measures for odor emissions that can be applied in existing pig and poultry houses in...

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Research infrastructure

...y specific, sometimes unique equipment Specialized devices for measuring odor, particulate matter and gases in and around animal housing (CO2, N2O,...

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Food-related analyses

... +32 9 272 30 50Quality honeyWim Reybroeck +32 9 272 30 11Flavor and odor researchTaste, mouthfeel and texture of food products are evaluated by co...

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