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Internet of Food and Farm 2020

In the project 19 use cases will be set up in 5 sectors (arable, dairy, fruit, vegetables and meat). During the project there will also be an open call to attract new technologies and use cases.


Precision livestock farming

On the one hand, the demand for meat is increasing worldwide, while the pressure of livestock farming on the climate and environment is also increasing. Furthermore, the methods used to house animals, animal welfare issues, and the high use of antibiotics are coming under fire.

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Chemical food safety-related analyses

Screening tests validated by ILVO In addition, commercial screening tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk, honey, meat, or other food products can be validated according to norm 2002/657/EC of the Commission and the CRL guidelines for the validation of screening methods for residues of veterinary drugs.

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Animal Related Analyses (ANIMALAB)

This covers several aspects: Composition and product quality of cattle feeds.Composition of animal end-products, such as eggs, milk, and meatAccurate and reliable analyses are extremely important for the governmental bodies in charge of policy as well as the fish and cattle feed industry, private aquaculturists and animal farmers.

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Validation of commercial screening tests at ILVO: current list

Our main focus has been on the validation of tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk; however validation studies in other matrices (meat, honey, fish, etc.), as well as of other compounds (aflatoxins, colorants, etc.) have been performed. Contact: Wim Reybroeck and Katrien Broekaert.

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