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Honey analyses

... proposal is submitted within SPB to offer Flemish beekeepers in 2023 again the possibility of free honey analyses and obtaining the "Guaranteed Quality" attestation and labels. Subject to approval...


Short chain

... and vegetable grower, with a farm store and its own processing of jam, honey, and soup. They received advice on the shelf life and safety of processed vegetables in glass jars.Hoeveslagerij De Nil...


Authenticity of food products

...ermine whether traces of cow's milk are found in dairy products from milk of other species. Honey Pollen analysis of honey allows to determine the botanical and geographical origin of h...

News | 21/10/2021

PFOS in honey

Many beekeepers are therefore concerned about the food safety of their honey. In order to be able to answer the question if honey coming from beekeepers near a PFOS-contaminated zone is safe for consu...

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Food-related analyses characteristics: (+32 9 272 30 50)Quality honeyDetermination of intrinsic honey quality parameters: moisture content, HMF, diastase number, inve...

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Chemical food safety-related analyses

...ated by ILVO In addition, commercial screening tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk, honey, meat, or other food products can be validated according to norm 2002/657/EC of the Commissi...

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Food-related analyses

...9 272 30 18 en Barbara Duquenne Authenticity: Barbara Duquenne +32 9 272 30 50Quality honeyWim Reybroeck +32 9 272 30 11Flavor and odor researchTaste, mouthfeel and texture of food products...

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