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Soil health

Soil compaction and erosion plant roots. > More info about these DNA and RNA techniques: Compaction and erosion Agricultural soils are under pressure. Low crop diversity, heavy machi...


Soil: carbon sequestration

...icient carbon will generally have: better soil structure and consequently more resistance to compaction, erosion and compactionimproved soil fertility. Organic matter acts as a buffer against p...



Soil compaction avoidance and elimination

... thumb that a farmer can use to limit erosion: Maintain organic matter content and pHAvoid soil compaction so that water can penetrate the soil wellKeep the soil covered as much as possible wit...

News | 01/02/2019

Soil compaction: prevention and remeditation

Many negative consequences Besides erosion, soil compaction is one of the main physical threats to the soil. Compaction arises largely from the use of large, heavy machinery, often in combination ...


Healthy soil and crops

... systems robust. We strive to minimize risks of nutrient losses, greenhouse gas emissions, and soil compaction, and maximize our efforts to close loops and store carbon.

News | 16/01/2024

ILVO fodder beet and maize variety list 2024

...ucture or water management. Taking care of your soil is important. The structural damage and soil compaction recently caused on many late-harvested plots is a major risk for Rhizoctonia expansion. ...

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