Research project Marketing and product quality as keys to success of marigold cultivation

In progress GOGO2.0 2021

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General introduction

Marigold cultivation, a relatively new venture, still has some remaining bottlenecks. These are addressed in GOGO2.0. The goal is to increase profitability, product quality, and marketing of the flowers and of the seeds are seen as key to successful, local marigold cultivation. New and improved techniques are being worked on. This project is an extension of the earlier research project GOGO, which succeeded in developing marigold cultivation in Flanders as a dual-purpose crop, with harvest of seeds (for oil) and flowers. In GOGO, machine flower harvesting was also realized.

Research approach

Specifically, we are looking at the feasibility of new cropping systems, in which marigold cultivation also gains added value as an alternative to Tagetes in nematode control, via under-seeding in grain. The researchers are also optimizing mechanical weed control and improving (post)harvesting techniques. Another work package concerns the organization of marketing. All these aspects affect final profitability, either directly or indirectly by improving product quality.


Marigold is a niche crop that finds its outlet in various bio-economy sectors, ranging from food, cosmetics and textiles to pharmaceuticals (for the flowers) and applications in the green economy (for the seeds). By focusing on new cultivation systems (nematode control, mixed cultivation, mechanical weed control) we want to bring innovation to Flemish agriculture. It will lead to the introduction of more crop diversification and agro-ecological cultivation principles.