News MSCA individual fellowship hosting offers for 2022 call


Recently, some important management decisions have been made to orientate the research at ILVO in a holistic framework of systems thinking as well as to combine ILVO's tacit knowledge with new technological approaches like genomics, metabolomics, (remote) sensing technology, artificial intelligence, precision farming, innovative food/feed production technology, new breeding technologies, animal models, modelling as well as participatory social sciences approaches. This means that a lot of the research at ILVO is conducted in Living Labs, such as a Food Pilot, fishing vessels, modern greenhouses and animal farming units, and in the context of inter- and transdisciplinary research. To accelerate and further improve this new research process, ILVO is looking to host young and experienced researchers at post-doc level in the framework of Marie Sklodowska-Curie individual fellowships within the new Horizon Europe framework programma.

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