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Food: balanced and healthy

...ces in bioavailability and/or bioactivity depending on the food matrix in which these nutrients occur. We don’t eat ingredients, we eat meals Interactions between components or with the foo...


Drought tolerant crops

...lted plants; these are no longer ‘under pressure’. Lastly, a lot of nutrients are also absorbed and distributed within the plant via the internal water transport system. Why are some plants...


Soil health

...ate adaptation)Buffering water against drought (climate adaptation)Retention and release of nutrientsHosting soil biodiversity and its associated functions Soils and climate Soi...


Gut health

...on and health takes place in the gastrointestinal system, which ensures the absorption of necessary nutrients, is in direct connection and interaction with the brain, and at the same time defends o...


Soil: carbon sequestration

..., compost, wood chips, etc. Through soil life, this fresh organic material is converted partly into nutrients for the plants (mineralization) and partly into stable 'soil organic carbon' (humificat...


Algae: seaweed and microalgae

...actors during production and processing. During cultivation factors such as the amount of light and nutrients, temperature and pH (water) can be adjusted to produce exactly the algae you want.T...

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