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Food-related analyses

More about Composition, Authenticity, QualityProduct composition: Hadewig Werbrouck+32 9 272 30 18 en Barbara Duquenne Authenticity: Barbara Duquenne +32 9 272 30 50Quality honeyWim Reybroeck +32 9 272 30 11Flavor and odor researchTaste, mouthfeel and texture of food products are evaluated by comparative tests or triangle tests.


Food: taste and aroma research

Certain sensory properties, such as hardness and mouthfeel, can be substantiated by texture measurements. The most common texture measurements are TPA analyses. These analyses simulate the first two chewing movements in the mouth and generate objective results that correlate well with the sensory examination.


Protein diversification in food and nutrition

What does the protein from e.g. quinoa or beans taste like, and what is the mouthfeel [dossier voeding smaak etc]?What nutritional value do they have, and that both on a macro and micro level?What clever combinations of protein sources are there to include all the essential amino acids?Are the proteins easily digestible?

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