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Aquaculture at sea

...n culture ready for market in the Belgian part of the North Sea takes "only" 18 months and produces meat values of 40-45%. The Zeeland mussel from seabed culture usually only has a meat value of 30...


Precision livestock farming

...easing in order to continue producing efficiently and economically. On the one hand, the demand for meat is increasing worldwide, while the pressure of livestock farming on the climate and environm...


Short chain embedded in new networks. New chains from field to fork – such as a local bread or meat chain, in which a small number of players create added value in dialogue and transparency – form a new anc...


Food: taste and aroma research

...g to the research or the wishes of the applicant. Predicting consumer acceptance In the Optimeat research project, ILVO has built up expertise in the construction of mathematical models tha...



...efore of crucial importance. It is defined as the ratio of nitrogen in the final product (the crop, meat, milk, etc.) to the nitrogen in the input (the fertilizers or feed). The higher the nitrogen...


Authenticity of food products

Determination species/variety (plants, meat, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, fungi, bacteria) based on DNA, proteins and other macro molecules


Protein diversification in food and nutrition

...reasons or simply because it tastes good.For conventional animal protein sources such as dairy, meat, fish or eggs, we rely on age-old nutritional wisdom and many decades of study. Alternative ...

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