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News | 12/04/2021

Steering meat quality via breed (choice) and sex

Steering meat quality via breed (choice) and sex

Eline Kowalski investigated how to measure and improve meat quality and pork processing attributes (technological quality), taking the profitability of pig production as well as the recent ban on surgical castration into account .

Research projects

Research into the optimization of group housing of does

Since 2016, meat rabbits must be kept in enriched group parks. For the time being, however, does are kept individually. Aggression among does after parturition is one of the major problems when they are kept in group, including disturbing each other's nests, pseudo-pregnancy and mortality of the young.

Research projects

Sustainability in pork production with immunocastration

After slaughter, their meat quality scores better on average than in the case of intact boars. For the time being, the immunocastration technique is encountering resistance in the European market, indicating that a large-scale conversion to Flemish farms is not forthcoming. More research is therefore recommended.

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