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Beans for the love of Leuven

Main research questionIn the context of protein diversification, farmers want to respond to the market demand for more plant-based proteins produced regionally. But often the producer lacks a clear market perspective.

Zeer divers pluimvee-onderzoek aan het ILVO!

CONCEPT1 (‘smaak- en welzijnsgerelateerde kip’) geeft extra aandacht aan dierenwelzijn, CONCEPT2 (‘reguliere kip met extra’s’) geeft extra aandacht aan het milieu. Regulier of tragere groeier? CONCEPT1 was een Hubbard 757 (tragere groeier), bleef 56 dagen op ILVO zonder uitladen en kende een bezetting van 36 kg/m².

Research projects

Leverage points for organic and sustainable food systems

Research approachTo explore potential leverage in food systems, FOODLEVERS takes a systems viewpoint, focusing on products, production technologies, marketing practices and actors. It uses a so-called re-connect, re-structure, re-think framework.

Research projects


This contributes to a more competitive and sustainable food system in the EU and supports implementation and adaptation of relevant policies such as a Digital Single Market, Green Deal and the Common Agricultural Policy.Research approachFollowing an iterative and multi-actor approach, Data4Food2030 aims to 1) enlarge the knowledge base and insight into

Research projects

Ornamental cultivation moves to a higher level

The year-round vertical cultivation of plants in multiple layers, under fully controlled conditions offers several advantages: a constant, high quality ornamental plant product, perfectly timed for market demand, with limited impact on the environment and a more manageable energy demand.

Zelfvermarkten via PIGfijn en Klein Gistelgoed

De huisstijl en website ( werden low-budget en eenvoudig gehouden zonder het aanpreken van een marketingbureau. Het label wordt gepromoot via een folder/poster in de verkooppunten en via beurzen.

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