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News | 15/09/2020

Legumes are getting off the ground in Flanders

...sed foods) on their plate. This market that is clearly growing. Today, the majority of chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, etc. are imported from outside Europe. But supply is uncertain and prices fl...

News | 26/04/2022

PEUL-CHAIN aims to gain ground for legumes (pulses)

...rocessing to consumption Despite all the benefits of legumes (pulses like red beans, chickpeas, lentils ...), their consumption is very low in Belgium, according to the 2014 Food Consumption Su...

News | 30/05/2023

Local legumes deserve boost.

...n important difference in nutritional value between the dry-harvested seeds of legumes (e.g., lentils, chickpeas, red beans) and the green-harvested legumes themselves (e.g., princess beans, peas)....

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