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Grazing Cow Monitor

Grazing Cow Monitor

De grazing cow monitor is één van de use cases in het IOF2020-project. Dit Europese project wil het gebruik van technologie en data in de landbouwsector wil stimuleren.

Grazing Cow Monitor EN

Grazing Cow Monitor EN

The grazing cow monitor is one of the use cases of the IOF2020 project. This European project wants to increase the use of technology and data in the agricultural sector.


This project will make use of all sorts of sensor data (soil scans, soil sensors, drone and satellite images) to fertilize leeks in a way that is customized to the needs of the individual leek plant. In addition, we have also created a knowledge platform about precision techniques in vegetable cultivation.

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Co-creation in cattle production

for the Flemish government regarding gaseous emissions in naturally-ventilated animal housing (including measurement techniques for the ventilation rate and gases).Dairy cattle: Leen Vandaele Beef cattle: Karen Goossens Agricultural engineering: Peter DemeyerZootechnical trials in dairy cattleLivestock: feed and digestibility trials with Holstein cows

Research projects

Internet of Food and Farm 2020

ILVO, one of the lead partners in IoF2020, coordinates two use cases: one on tracking cows in nature areas together with Sensolus (BE) and Inagro (BE); and one on the optimization of pig farm management together with Evonik Porphyrio (BE), Vion Food Group (NL), ZLTO (NL) and Links Foundation (IT).


Precision livestock farming

The data collected may also be used for other purposes, such as traceability or consumer information. Why precision livestock farming? Livestock farmers in Flanders are now managers of increasingly larger operations. The number of animals per farm is increasing in order to continue producing efficiently and economically.


Algae: seaweed and microalgae

In Europe and Flanders, the focus is also on circular cultivation, where residual or by-product streams from the agri-food industry are used as raw materials: surplus CO2 from the fermenter or nutrient-rich residual water from the food industry are just a few examples.

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