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Greet Riebbels

Greet Riebbels

Communications manager at ILVO



Publication | Statement 25/03/2022

Fisheries Impact Assessment Albania

Fisheries Impact Assessment Albania
This report assesses the environmental impact of the Albanian fishing fleet, which is evaluated with regard to biodiversity, status of commercial stocks, bottom impact, pollution and marine litter.
Press release 24/08/2021

Ray, Fish of the Year 2021

3 species of ray
Rye will be "fish of the year 2021" in Flanders. VLAM is setting up a promotional campaign around this fish species, with remarkably many nuances and facts. Again, ILVO determined the sustainability o...
Project news 19/07/2021

Sport fishing for science

line drawing of sea bass
How many sea bass are there on the Belgian coast? How big are the fish and where are they often found? ILVO, UGent and VLIZ have marked sea bass and are now counting on sport fishermen to pass on data...