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Soil health

...vy machinery and reduced tire pressure helps to avoid soil compaction. Less intensive and shallower tillage also saves the soil. How can we measure soil health? Measuring soil quali...


Soil: carbon sequestration

Using field trials, ILVO is investigating the carbon contribution of crops, fertilization, soil amendments, and tillage



...ckly, e.g., by building thresholds between ridges and clearing tire tracksErosion and non-inversion tillage ILVO has been doing research on non-inversion tillage for years, both on practical f...

Research projects

Prevention and remediation of soil compaction

...hich benefits soil structure. The effects on crop yield were found to be highly variable. Deep soil tillage is quickly resorted to for remediating soil compaction, but it now appears that its impac...

Research projects


...ombining this sustainable form of agriculture (perennial plant combinations, minimal input and soil tillage, closed cycles, ...) with innovative cooperation models (short chain, digital marketplace...

Research projects

Structured soil, climate-smart soil management

How do adapted soil management practices, particularly mulching and reduced tillage, affect water evaporation, infiltration and retention, as an adaptation mechanism against extreme weather conditions

News | 01/02/2019

Soil compaction: prevention and remeditation

...anufacturers. Specifically, tests are being conducted on mechanical innovation, crop succession and tillage time. Existing and new knowledge about soil compaction is disseminated via a website (www...

News | 04/12/2023

ILVO backs European ambitions for 75% healthy soils

...insights. In that trial for more than a decade ILVO has been monitoring the effect of non-inversion tillage and compost application on soil quality, disease pressure and crop yield. Soil Diver...

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