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Farmer stress and mental well-being

Compared to other occupational categories, farmers seem to be more at risk for excessive mental stress. Complaints in this sector often remain under the radar for quite some time. More attention for t...


Plant health

...t phase, researchers are trying to start "programming" the bacterial root community to reduce stress in corn and promote growth. Another important step forward toward farming with fewer crop protec...


Water in agriculture

...It often rains in Belgium, and yet, our country is high on the global ranking of regions with water stress. This means that we are at a high risk for situations in which not all water users can sti...


Animal welfare from thermal and physical discomfortFree from pain, injury and diseaseFree from fear and chronic stressFree to exhibit normal and species-specific behaviorFraser introduced the three-circle mode...


Stray voltage in the dairy barn

...f 6 to 7 Ohms. Stray voltage loves moisture Compared to humans, cows are more sensitive to stress differences. On a dairy farm you will find in wet - thus sensitive - conditions, such as w...


Precisielandbouw nuttige info – bv. over de onkruiddruk, opkomst van een ziekte, droogtestress. Dat gebeurt met de hulp van software, krachtige rekencomputers, algoritmes en artificiële intelligentie (A.I.). De ...


Alternatives to castration of piglets

..." sire lines have already been marketed. Focusing management in the finishing pig house on reducing stress would also potentially reduce boar taint. If a carcass at the slaughter line still tests p...


Klimaatmitigatie en klimaatadaptatie

...m te groeien, overstromingen die de velden blank zetten, langdurige hitte die stress veroorzaakt bij dieren, … We moeten ons dan ook aanpassen aan die nieuwe realiteit. Daarom draait klimaaton...



.... Other crops use more than twice the amount of water that quinoa needs. Quinoa is also a stress-resistant crop that rarely suffers from drought and salinization, and is therefore resistant to the ...

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