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Detection and valorisation of pork with boartaint

The specific objectives are: (a) to investigate the sensitivity of Flemish citizens to androstenone; (b) to validate an LC-MS method for the simultaneous detection of the three known compounds of boar taint (androstenone, skatole en indole); (c) to evaluate the sensorial assessment by trained experts in the abattoir as an at-line method to detect boar

Research projects

Quick test for detection of bacterial contamination in food

Main research questionThis project is intended to make new biosensor technology industrially applicable, at least to the level of a finely tuned, reliable demonstrator, with the right scale and connected to a clear software platform.

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Flavor and odor research

Contactpersonen: Flavor: Barbara DuquenneAroma profiling: Christof Van Poucke Food Pilot has a professional sensory lab with trained taste panel. Recently the facilities were extended to include in-depth chemical odor analyses. Research on flavor and odor is frequently performed during product development.

Research projects

Internet of Food and Farm 2020

The starting point of IoF2020 is that many isolated digital machines and sensors are popping up in European agriculture but larger, smarter networks and data-exchange between these machines are needed to create new added value.Research approachILVO's role was to help transform and scale-up validated technologies to bring them closer to a market introduction

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