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Welfare Improving monitoring Solutions for cHickens

improve chicken productivity and welfare.Research approachA marketable, modular system-based toolbox of sensors and interpretation possibilities is the final goal, which will be further developed towards 2 commercial activities:1.

Research projects

Smart Farm and Agri-environmental Big Data Space (AgriDataValue)

Modern farms create a huge amount of data based on IoT sensors and drones, while vast EO data become available via Copernicus Hubs. AgriDataValue aims to establish itself as the “Game Changer” in Smart Farming and agri-environmental monitoring.

Research projects

Quick test for detection of bacterial contamination in food

Main research questionThis now finalized Interreg Flanders-Netherlands project had the intention to make new biosensor technology industrially applicable, at least to the level of a finely tuned, reliable demonstrator, with the right scale and connected to a clear software platform. That was successful.

Research projects

Detection and valorisation of pork with boartaint

The specific objectives are: (a) to investigate the sensitivity of Flemish citizens to androstenone; (b) to validate an LC-MS method for the simultaneous detection of the three known compounds of boar taint (androstenone, skatole en indole); (c) to evaluate the sensorial assessment by trained experts in the abattoir as an at-line method to detect boar

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