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Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

Organic residual flows Agricultural systems result in organic residual flows, such as crop and feed residues. Organic residual streams such as grass clippings, heather chippings and shredded wood ...

News | 22/09/2020

Proteins from seaweed and legume residual flows

...forces the search for new sources of proteins, which have not been exploited so far. Processing residual flows and increasing protein harvest In this project, the main objectives are; (1) t...

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...make the substrates for strawberry and tomato in greenhouses more sustainable. We work (further) on residual flows from agro, agri-food and fishery activities, which are processed into compost, pla...

Research projects

Valorisation of algae for a better taste

...ert taste panels are set up, among others to map the entire taste range of seaweed and algae. Algae residual flows are used in feed performance tests with chicken (zero waste). The seaweed and alga...

Research projects

Cropexplore for Farmers

...lemish processors actively working on the potential for food, feed or industry (entirely or through residual flows and by-products).FinancingVLAIO

Research projects

Systemic Innovatinos for a zero waste supply chain

...h the right partners in the chain. Specifically for the flexible processing installation, available residual flows could be matched via this Data Space with the available processing capacity and th...


Role of animal production in society

...eight and (un)certainty. When based on correct data, simulations and dialogues go more smoothly.Residual flows and loops In the context of circular agriculture, ILVO is investigating whethe...


Protein diversification

...elopment of local chains. We also have a lot of expertise on stabilizing, processing and valorizing residual flows and will thoroughly investigate their potential for legumes. What about anima...


Profitable and resilient food systems

...ok at circularity at different levels, from products and materials over raw materials and energy to residual flows. We develop and evaluate technologies that can be useful in the circular economy a...


Bioeconomy and closed loops

...or the cause. In the bioeconomy, fossil-based raw materials are replaced by renewable ones, such as residual flows and by-products from agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, aquaculture and the foo...


Public launch of The ProteInn Club

.... The proteins produced through microbial fermentation efficiently convert carbon and nitrogen rich residual flows into high-quality components, including proteins for the food, feed and fine chemi...



...eurs in the bioeconomy and producers looking for the best possible valorization of their biomass or residual flows will find an answer here to the question “what can ILVO do for me?”. You’ll get a ...

Valorization of residual flows

News | 01/05/2020

The influence of climate change on food systems

...ts, improving resilience and thus reducing the unpredictability of agri-food production, valorizing residual flows and reducing food losses. ILVO monitors No fewer than 29 international...

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