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Quinoa is a protein-rich pseudo-grain that originates from South America and is becoming very popular in Flanders. ILVO and its partners from the Flemish quinoa platform are investigating whether (and...


Drought tolerant crops

ILVO studies the cultivation possibilities and the potential for Flanders of drought-resistant crops like quinoa, chickpea, and sorghum..

Research projects

Saline AgricuLture for ADaptation

...o regional scale for four different crops under saline conditions: New Zealand spinach, potatoes, quinoa and tomatoes (WP2). Third, we will engage a wide range of stakeholders and analyse knowledge...


Food and Health

... the quality of their raw materials. Special attention has been paid to niche crops such as quinoa, and alternative sources of protein such as soy, insects and algae. ILVO supports that process wit...


Profitable and resilient food systems

...ion at different levels. We focus, among other things, on new cultivars, new crops (such as soy and quinoa), new cultivation systems (such as agroforestry), new products and processes, new marketin...

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News | 15/09/2020

Legumes are getting off the ground in Flanders

...nt are strongly committed to the development of local protein-rich crops in Flanders. The soy and quinoa programs are best known, but they are also working hard on peas, field beans, kidney beans, ...

News | 17/07/2019

ILVO strengthens contacts with PERU

...from the contacts, for example by accessing the genetic databases for indigenous food crops such as quinoa , corn and potatoes."

News | 28/05/2021

Parkinson's patients: nutrition may ease symptoms

...says Florence Baert. "For example, our tests with broccoli soup showed that potato starch and quinoa flour as alternatives to the clinical gum-based thickener led to higher flavor and aroma intensi...

News | 03/04/2023

Climate change brings new crops to Flanders best in recent, often dry, years. There are also new crops making their appearance in Flanders: quinoa and chickpea, for example. Can Flemish farmers simply switch to such a new crop from one y...

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