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Fishing industry

Shipowners, fishers, fishmongers, and the parties involved in the fishing industry policy will find an answer to the question “what can ILVO do for me?” here. You’ll get a brief overview of relevant expertise, analyses, infrastructure, and the professional approach that characterizes ILVO.

ILVO wants to support all those involved in fishing industry management, the fishing industry, and the fishing industry trade in its pursuit of sustainable fishing with the above broad palette of expertise and a modern research infrastructure.

Fishing industry


Marine production and the marine environment

The new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the corresponding landing obligation (‘discard ban’), the demand for sustainably-caught fish, the need for more efficient fishing techniques, the high operating costs and the fear of limited access to fishing grounds are important driving forces.

Research projects

Valorisation of algae for a better taste

In times of exhaustion of agricultural land, overfishing and an ever-increasing demand for food, there is great need for sustainable alternatives. Both consumers and food producers are reluctant to use these products, however.

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